Fireplace Mantel


Pick a wood and we build it to fit.

Lots of fireplace mantels are on display at our showroom. 


We build all of our fireplace mantels to size. These are built as one piece so that installation is very easy & installation instructions are included. We have an illustrated instruction sheet that shows you how to measure or ask us if we can measure for you in your area. There may be a charge.

We can also build a custom style mantel. Show us a picture of you are looking for.

Shelf Mantels Made To Your Size.

You select the wood and tell us what size to make it .

We will build all of our shelves down to the 1/8". These are all made of solid wood (no particle boards) and are unfinished so you can stain or paint to the color of your liking. All are included with a mounting strip.



Choice of woods

All of our woods are knot free.

Poplar: Hard Wood, (color variations are typical and normal) Normally choose for painting and sometimes when staining very dark.

Pine: Soft Wood, Clear Eatern White Pine, No Knots

Red Oak: Hardwood, Rich with graining. Accepts large range of colors from light to dark.

Maple: Hard Wood, Generally "white" as Maple goes. Less active graining than Oak and normally stains lighter in color than the other woods.

Mahogany (Sapele): Hard Wood, Naturally darker than other woods and is redish to brownish in color. Adding a stain to this wood will make it darker and rich looking. Very nice wood.

Cherry: Hard Wood, Graining is similar to Maple, but with a pinkish coloring. Also a very nice wood that is use in the making of fine furniture.