Small Jobs and Services

Got new carpet? Doors don't fit?
Take hardware off your interior doors & bring them in to The Wood Works -- We'll cut them while you wait!
Have any broken drawers?
Bring them in we can either fix it or build new boxes.
Lumber - Pine, Poplar, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry & Walnut
We do Custom Cutting - Joining - Planing - Edging - Sanding - Mitre Cuts
Edge Treatments ( Decorative routed edges ) Your boards (clean, unused real wood) or ours
Interior Doors
Cut to height
Rip to width
Route out for hinges
Bore hole for standard locks

Miscellaneous Products

Chop Blocks - Oak & Maple
Interior Lumber - Plywoods - Veneers
Crowns - Chair Rails - Baseboards - Rope
Door & Window Trims
Bar Rails
Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts
Door & Window Heads
Window Sills
Window Valances
Wall Rails
Need a special display case or something else? Send us a sketch -- We'll give you a quote!


Homeowners have their own individual requirements and decorating ideas for the rooms that comprise their homes. Needs change and some rooms might not be decorated or designed to accommodate the function that a homeowner would prefer.Whether it is a home office, a library, a den, or a recreation or bar room, the planning stages are the most important -- yet most often ignored -- part of the project.
Decide which room you'd like to update and what purpose it should serve. Try to stay focused on this room only. No detail is too small. Consider what furniture and other features you would like this room to accommodate. Based on the room size, it may be necessary to eliminate some things, but this can be done after you try to have it all.
Measure the room size, locating all doors, windows, heat and cold air returns, ceiling height, window heights from the floor and how far down from the ceiling, and any other important room characteristics.
Measure furniture, televisions and appliances that will be placed into the room.
Cabinets and mantles are available in a variety of styles. including contemporary, traditional, colonial and victorian. Contemporary is the plainest and often least expensive. Victorian is the most ornate and often most expensive.
Custom style can be manufactured, however they cost more than pre-designed styles and require a longer time to produce. If a pre-designed style or slightly altered style meets your needs it should cost less.
Moldings dress up a room and come in many styles. Moldings are available as baseboards, chair rails, ceiling crowns, door and window trim, and wall panel molding.
Carvings and corbels are great accents and offer a wide selection to choose from.
Bars traditionally have a raised or flat panel front, with or without fluted pilasters and panel molding. Back bars come in many styles, usually with a mirror.The Wood Works has displays and photographs of various styles.
If a stock size product, in a satisfactory style and construction is available, it will cost less than a custom sized product.
Custom cabinets are more expensive. However, any size may be manufactured and design changes may be made.
Traditional types of construction are veneered fiberboard, veneered plywood and solid lumber.
Veneered plywood ( our construction ) holds fasteners better than veneered fiberboard and is a stable product. Solid lumber is usually used for anything that requires a profile, such as moldings, cabinet doors, cabinet facings and raised panels.

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