Wood Works tops

The Wood Works can make a counter top for your kitchen, bath room or cabinetry. We will make our tops to the size you tell us. Give us a template or a drawing with sizes. The woods we use are as follows and generally go up in price as listed here. 

Poplar wood is normally used when it is being painted. Poplar is a hard wood and is inexpensive compared to others. 

Red Oak is a grainy hard wood which accepts a wide range of stain colors. Oak woods are the most popular in upgrades today. 

Maple is a light colored hard wood that has a very tight grain pattern. This tight grain pattern does not normally allow much stain penetration into the wood resulting in a generally light colored finish. Maple is best used when looking for a light colored hard wood. 

Mahogany (Shown left) is a naturally dark colored wood with red highlights that is used in the making of high quality cabinetry, bars and libraries. This is a very rich wood that stains dark in color. 

Cherry  is a fine grain hard wood that has natural pinkish colors. Also a very rich wood and is used for making extremely fine furniture. When finished properly, you can achieve a very smooth as glass finish. Accepts stain colors in the medium to dark color families.
See our
 types of woods page for samples.

Distressing is a new service that may be available for you. Please ask us about this.